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Low cost, quality kiln dried logs for your home. Delivered.

Log Club firewood is specifically chosen, split and prepared to burn hot and clean in the latest low emission Wood Burning Stoves and solid fuel heating systems.

We are confident our logs are the best guilt free choice in the UK for heating your home with a low overall CO2 footprint and burning with low PM2.5 emissions.

We source only FSC approved softwood timber grown and harvested to our exacting standards here in the UK. Prepared and dried by us 365 days a year in our unique eco-kilns using 100% self generated renewable energy.

Woodsure certified, delivered to our customers within 48 hours of it leaving our kilns.

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Through our free membership you can choose from our selection of flexible log plans to suit your firewood requirements and budget. As a member with a subscription you can be assured that your logs are dried only days before arriving at your home in our generously sized bulk bags. Ensuring they are delivered to you with the lowest moisture content practical, burning hot and clean. Not only that but subscriptions have priority delivery when demand is high, backed by our great customer service.


Delay or fast-track your orders and enjoy cost effective, fast delivery on your subscription to ensure you and your family never go cold with your log supply assured for your wood burning stove. Supported by expert advice from our friendly Customer Champions.


Reschedule, skip, pause or cancel at any time. By subscribing you save on every order, whilst having the flexibility to slow down, stop or speed up your delivery frequency to suit you. Supported by our no quibble cancellation either online or by contacting the support team.


Unlike the majority of firewood sold in the UK, our logs are sustainably grown and harvested locally in the UK rather than imported. We dry our logs only using 100% renewable self generated off grid energy. Our kilns use only 10% of the energy of more traditional kilns.

As a result the carbon footprint of our logs is significantly lower than other suppliers of kiln dried firewood logs; whilst ensuring your burn is ideal for low local emissions.

What makes Log Club different?

Both Members and customers who make a one off purchase from the Log Club all benefit from

  • 100% FSC UK Sourced Wood from sustainable sources
  • 100% of our wood is harvested following the latest standards, ensuring the majority of the CO2 stored in the wood remains in the ground.
  • 100% self generated renewable energy
  • 100% Woodsure certified- all of your logs will leave our kilns with low moisture levels.
  • 100% of your kiln dried wood will be delivered in rain resistant bulk bags that will keep them dry - no more dumps of logs in the rain that you have to move into your wood store. Keeping your wood dry means increased 'complete combustion', which lowers your PM2.5 emissions.
  • 100% UK softwood, means less density and more heat. Reducing the CO2 and PM2.5 particulates emitted compared to hardwood.
  • These logs are ideal for the latest low emission wood burning stoves approved for use in low smoke areas by Defra.

All this backed up by great service from our log experts.

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