Frequently Asked Questions

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Is delivery free?

Delivery costs are as follows:

Free Local delivery - we deliver to postcodes local to our Frodsham Hub at no cost to the customer. You can check for free local delivery eligibility in the checkout or find a list of areas served by log club local here

Free Manchester Regional delivery Our Large and XL bags are free within the 'M' or 'SK' postcode areas (one bulk product per pallet). All other products have a £30 delivery charge in this regional zone.

Standard UK National delivery - from £45 to £130 to anywhere in mainland UK per pallet (one bulk product per pallet).

On occasion additional special offers may be available for discounted or free shipping.

What makes log club logs any different to other kiln dried logs?

Whilst it might sound like an exaggeration, not all firewood logs are created equal. Our wood is grown locally in the UK FSC approved, harvested, prepared and dried in sustainable ways entirely 'off grid' that consume as little energy and natural resources as possible.

We specifically use UK Larch & Spruce prepared and dried to be ideal for getting your house warm quickly, keeping it warm for hours. Our own 'secret shopping' and testing shows greater heat and lower emissions than logs from other suppliers, especially hardwood.

Delivered in exactly the right condition to burn clean and hot, ensuring that there is as little impact on the local environment as possible when they are used to warm your home.

See our blog article regarding our low particulate logs

Once you have tried our logs, we are confident that you won't find better elsewhere which is why more than half of our customers buy via our subscribe and save.

What is Ready to Burn - Woodsure certified?

Fuel that’s certified by Woodsure as 'Ready to Burn' is proven to burn with less smoke and harmful emissions and be less damaging to the environment, improving air quality.

In 2020 the Air Quality (Domestic Solid Fuels Standards) (England) Regulations came into place to support the important part firewood has to play in providing renewable energy and more specifically heat to a lot of UK households. 

These regulations support the growth in the burning of logs for heat and energy in the UK by preventing harmful pollution from domestic burning of inappropriate solid fuels, specifically by ensuring wood sold in volumes of under 2m3 is certified as having a moisture content of 20% or less. 

As part of implementing this new regulation Non-profit organisations, HETAS and Woodsure, have been appointed by DEFRA fuel certification schemes for wood fuel.

Log Club is proud to be certified to sell logs by the regulatory administrator Woodsure

On average Log Club logs have a moisture content between 2 and 10% when they complete their drying process in our Eco Kilns. Shipping to customers typically within 48 hours.

Why does Log Club sell softwood rather than hardwood?

Our mission is to help the UK to transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy and becoming an energy independent nation. Reducing the cost of a household essential - warmth, in an environmentally responsible way. We believe that wood and wood based products for energy are a key component of the UK energy mix of the future alongside solar, wind and tidal energy.

We believe that in order to support homes moving to log burning using the latest euro2022 low emissions appliances, especially in urban settings, the wood needs to be very dry and easy to burn.

Hardwood is a denser slower growing timber and whilst offering a longer burn in open fires and pits, the heat output is not comparable with the faster growing and less dense softwood in modern stoves and burners.

Equally the energy needed to dry Hardwood is again significantly higher than softwood making it an order of magnitude harder to achieve in an environmentally neutral way.

Finally hardwood can take 30-70 years to grow and mature. Softwood by comparison is very quick growing, tall, straight and easy to process. Making it ideal to support such an energy transition by its very nature.

We strongly believe that softwood and specifically UK grown Spruce is the ideal firewood fuel for UK homes. Thankfully our customers who have switched from hardwood to our eco kiln dried softwood agree.

Read more on this in our Blogs section

How many logs will I need how often?

There isn't an easy exact answer to this as it depends on many factors, such as how cold it is, how often a room is occupied and how many of those rooms are heated by logs, etc.

However typically our Standard bag of logs will provide for 15 fires and our Large bags up to 30 fires in a modern Euro2022 log burner.

In our experience because our wood gets your room up to temperature quicker (see our blogs for details), you burn only when the room is occupied, rather than keeping the fire burning for long periods ahead of time. We find our customers burn less wood than they had previously when using hardwood.

How big are the logs?

The majority of our customers use our logs in domestic log stoves - 'log burners'. As a result we cut our logs to 25cm in length in order to easily fit within the majority of the log stoves on the market today.

This is also an ideal length for aiding in the drying process.

(Note: +90% of the logs are 25cm, with some being slightly shorter or longer if they are the final cut of that tree trunk)

How will my logs be delivered?

We believe that buying logs in larger quantities is great value and appropriate for a lot of our customers who require a regular supply of dry quality wood; however it can also mean it is more challenging to handle by some customers on delivery. Please take that into account before ordering if this is your first time buying a larger quantity of logs online - logs are bulky and heavy!

We ship to the whole of the UK using our carefully selected logistics partners. Your delivery will be on a standard sized UK pallet. These are delivered to driveway wherever possible - see shipping policy for more details.

The cost of delivery is not included in the price of the logs.

Due to the significant variance in costs to deliver such heavy items to such a broad variety of locations that make up the UK, shipping costs are calculated at checkout.

The average price for delivery is £45 per pallet. With free delivery within 15 miles of one of our hubs.

Local Log Club

For customers that live within 15miles of one of our Log Hubs, they have additional local delivery options including Free delivery on most items. These local options will show up at checkout as the shipping options are calculated.

How should I store my logs?

How you store your logs is really important.

Logs with higher moisture content do not burn as hot and emit significantly more emissions, which is really important in urban settings.

Whilst the wood we deliver will be really dry, it is important that you try to prevent your logs from reabsorbing a lot of new moisture from the location where you store them.

This is another key benefit of our subscriptions, no need to overstock for 'the season' when you can have regular deliveries of super dry wood just when you need it.

Our bags have a flap that helps to keep the logs dry, however storing the logs in a dry ventilated area covered from the elements is ideal, such as a shed, garage or outbuilding.

If this is not possible external log stores are very popular. These stores can also help you visually gauge when you need to reorder, however they should be orientated in a way that avoids exposure to rain and snow on a regular basis.

Why should I become a log club subscriber?

Our customers can buy direct from us at any time with no subscription straight from the online shop and there is no requirement to subscribe or sign any long term contracts.

We believe in rewarding customer loyalty though and to do so we provide those customers with the best prices, convenience of knowing they won't forget their next wood order and also importantly a priority on delivery and supply when demands are high such as during a cold snap, or when energy wholesale prices rise again!

Subcribers can change, pause or cancel their plan at anytime prior to shipment of their next delivery.

What is an Eco-Kiln?

Wood that meets the 'Ready to Burn' standard needs to either be seasoned or kiln dried. The traditional ways of doing this will not support any large scale transition to woods use as part of a wider renewable energy mix in the UK and further afield.

To ensure timber is to the correct moisture content seasoned log drying consists of storing logs in ventilated barns/buildings for 6-12 months and often longer depending on the timber type. This is challenging in terms of being very reliant on the weather (temperature and prevailing winds), predicting volumes often a year ahead and taking up considerable amounts of land and costly structures in order to meet demands.

In our experience seasoned log suppliers often run out of dried wood before they have the seasonal conditions and time to dry more. As a result the more reputable are not able to always support their regular customers; unfortunately the less reputable in some cases supply them with inferior wet product that does not meet the regulatory standards.

Kiln dried wood, does not have these issues and can ramp up production to meet existing and new demand even in the longest and coldest of winters. However, traditional kiln designs and processes either use significantly more energy than is sustainable or environmentally responsible to do so. In some instances we have seen using as more fossil fuel gas to dry logs as could have been used to heat their customers home in the first place!

Enter the off grid 'Eco Kiln'. Our new, unique and proprietary design of energy production and energy storage infrastructure, that use a combination of off grid solar, wind and biomass sources to produce and then store heat combined with specifically designed kilns that use that energy at relatively low temperatures dry a 'batch' of our wood, that is specifically cut and split to aid both drying and burning in equal measure, using less than 10% of the energy of the best alternative kiln heating techniques.

Both our Energy Plant and Kiln Units are modular and easy to replicate in lots of off grid locations as demand dictates.

Where is Log Club located?

We opened our first Log Hub in Frodsham Cheshire in January 2023.

Our technologies and processes that enable us to provide consistently dry firewood, using less than 10% of the energy of traditional methods of kiln drying, operate 'off grid' in a modular fashion, enabling us to open additional Log Hubs in a large variety of locations, close to our customers should demand necessitate it. Which we hope it does!

Why can't I burn un-seasoned logs?

If you have ever tried burning wet wood, you will know that the fire will not produce a warm flame.  Wet wood produces considerably more smoke. Plus you have to use more wood to try and achieve the same  effect that you would get with a smaller amount of dry wood; indeed it is hard to warm a home with wet wood, especially wet hardwood.

Wet wood doesn’t achieve such a high temperature or burn anywhere near as efficiently as dry wood. It produces more particulate matter and these are the particulates that are damaging to the environment and to you, your family and your neighbours health.

In many locations in the UK you can be prosecuted by the local authorities for burning solid fuels that result such high emissions unlike our low moisture softwood eco kiln dried logs.