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Storage Tips for Your Kiln Dried Logs

Kiln-dried logs offer a plethora of benefits that enhance your wood-burning experience. From burning cleaner to lasting longer, and ensuring that unwanted pests like insects and mould are a thing of the past. However, to truly enjoy these advantages, it's essential to store your logs correctly. The Log Club offers insights into efficient storage solutions.

Why Indoor Storage is Optimal

The ideal place for kiln-dried logs is an indoor setting with dry, low-humidity conditions. Although some homes have spaces like attics or basements, it's not always feasible for everyone. The goal is to protect your logs from moisture. Storing them in a home's interior provides the best conditions.

Exploring Outbuilding Storage Options

Many homeowners consider garages, sheds, or similar outbuildings. While these structures may not always be damp-proof, they offer a superior alternative to exposing logs to open environmental conditions. It's crucial to position your firewood away from direct heat sources, given that kiln-dried wood can be more flammable than the regular variety.

To optimize the outbuilding storage:

  • Elevate Your Logs: Use a wooden pallet on the floor before stacking. This prevents moisture from the ground from affecting your logs and enhances airflow, which is essential for maintaining the quality of the kiln-dried logs.
  • Mind the Gap: Ensure there's a distance between your stored logs and the wall to further improve air circulation.

Outdoor Storage: What You Need to Know

For those without indoor storage options, storing logs outdoors is still very feasible, but it requires more consideration. Here are our top tips:

  • Invest in a Log Store: Storing logs on a simple wooden pallet won't be sufficient outdoors. It's wise to invest in a dedicated log store. The primary function is to protect your logs from direct rain from above and moisture from below, but don't forget the importance of airflow when outside.
  • Strategic Positioning: Ideally, you want to position your log store where it will receive a good amount of sunlight and where there's a steady breeze. Sunlight helps to naturally keep the logs dry, but it's the breeze that plays a pivotal role in ensuring the logs remain well-ventilated, keeping them as dry as possible. If you don't have a log store, then find a spot on hard ground, preferably concrete, to minimise contact with moisture. Whist a good breeze is good, direct windy locations can prove problematic, placing logs in overly windy spots that might usher in rain.
  • Consider the whats above your logs: Avoid locations directly under trees or any overhead structures that might lead to moisture dripping on your logs. Or create some kind of shelter that will keep any water away from your logs should it rain. (This is the UK remember).
  • Safety First: Keep your log stacks at a safe height to avoid them toppling over. Also keep them away from any areas young children will play, as falling logs can result in serious injury to your young ones.
  • Regular Inspection: Periodically check your logs for signs of decay or other issues. Promptly remove and dispose of any compromised logs.

Optimizing Your Log Order with The Log Club

The storage of logs requires careful consideration when deciding how much to order. At The Log Club, our commitment is to deliver logs that are primed to give you the best burn - hotter, longer, and cleaner than most on the market. To achieve this, we ensure our logs are drier than those of many competitors.

However, maintaining your delivered kiln dried logs in this pristine condition over an extended winter period can be a challenge, especially if indoor storage isn't feasible. We understand the age-old concern of running dry in the heart of winter, prompting many to buy in bulk ahead of the cold season. Yet, bulk buying for the season and ensuring dryness don’t always go hand-in-hand.

Recognising this, we've made strides to offer a solution: regular, smaller deliveries through our subscribe and save scheme. This approach ensures your logs aren't exposed to the elements for extended periods. With The Log Club guaranteeing a steady supply all year round (thanks to our 365-day drying process), you can comfortably opt for monthly or even more frequent subscription deliveries. Customise your orders based on your usage pattern and the upcoming weather forecast, and let us ensure you’re always stocked with the best wood for your fire.

Wrapping Up

The Log Club aims to simplify the process of using kiln-dried logs. By following our simple tips, you can maximise the benefits of your logs, whether you store them indoors or out; especially in appropriately sized regular quantities!

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